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Kindly complete the opening checklist...

Check building exterior as you approach. Be on the lookout for broken windows, loitering strangers or other signs of burglary, as well as any litter or debris
Check night shift comments if any
Turn on lights & music as needed. .
Check that cameras are working probably
Be sure there the enough employees scheduled for the day's shifts
Check if Telephone & Wifi Network Is Working
Turn on POS & Delivery Tablets
Turn on air conditioning as needed. .
Check email and voice messages.
Be sure all equipment, especially refrigerators and freezers, are properly functioning.
Check inventory items expriy dates
Check previous day stocktake send purchase orders to suppliers based on inventory levels
Oversee employees as they punch in, and be sure they are dressed appropriately for the shift
Count the safe and cash drawer and assign cash drawers where needed.
Wipe all floors, clean windows, clean equipments, wash cuttlery and clean toilets if any
Clean and set up all tables
Brief staff about the promotions, discounts and discuss Daily target
Send previous day cash expense report to accounting department

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the provided information is true and accurate

Thanks for submitting!

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