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Kindly complete the closing checklist...

Menus to be sanitized and stored
All cutleries to be washed wiped & stacked properly along with crockery items.
Floor has been cleaned
Ensure that the garbage has been cleaned outside of the restaurant
Back Area & the Service area are clean & Store is properly stacked
Wipe all the tables & counters
Wipe all windows and doors
Toilets are clean (If available)
Air-Conditioning, Hood Fan, Ecology unit has been switched off
Any items left over by the Guest have been deposited with the Lost & Found.
Switch off all electrical equipment's except fridges and freezers
All equipment has been cleaned, and stored appropriately
Switch Off the POS Machine & Music System if any.
Check for any Discrepancy in Checks.
Print business summary report and send sales summary to management
Check that all equipment’s are operating normally
Check the temperature of all freezers and fridges
GAS has been switched off
Cash is Stored in Safe and Safe is locked
Security Alarm and fire systems are working probably and turned on
Cameras are working probably
Prepare next day purchase orders based on inventory items level
Prepare comments sheet for next day opening shift if any
Check Inventory Items Expiry Dates and store probably in the right place (Friedge/Freezer/Shelves)
Lights have been switched off and the Restaurant has been locked.

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the provided information is true and accurate

Thanks for submitting!

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